Winter Mornings

Coiled up in bed,
If done with pillows and blanket,
Venture out
In the warm sunshine
And behold the dews,
Tiny and still,
Last through the early chill,
Adorning the blades of grass,
Bright and fresh,
On a lazy winter morning.

Get a little far,
And be lost in the ethereal mist,
And behold a few
Walk, wrapped in clothes,
And disappear into distant paths,
While others sit hunched,
On a fire,
As flames kiss
Their dreamy eyes,
Lifting their spirits high.

On the wayside,
If you see marigolds shine
Know it’s their time to reign
It’s their way to beguile
In their golden red, yellow smile.
And if you see guava, oranges or grapevine,
Juicy and luscious,
They’re there,
The toast of the season.

Still a lot more hidden
A lot more to be found
From its bosom
But feel blessed
It’s all so awesome –
The gifts of
Winter mornings.